Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yacker Tracker Flashes Green for new Finance Director

Congratulations to the City for getting it right on the appointment of Tracy Turbak for Director of Finance. He is an excellent choice and brings competence and experience that will make him a valuable member of the executive team. Smart man! I worked with Tracy through the SD Municipal League was always impressed with his insight, knowledge and leadership. The city is lucky to get him. He will hit the ground running when he starts in Febuary.


  1. Jennifer.

    Admittedly I enjoy reading your musings. Mostly because I believe you are on the right track with some stuff, like with your latest on Obamacare. Well written. But some things? Like this green smiley face for Turbak? Not so sure. I was with you to a point, then you mentioned the South Dakota Municipal League. Is there a tax scheme they don't endorse? I've read their mission statement and it looks like TAX, TAX, TAX. And Turbak is the president of the SDML.

    I think sometimes, because you've been a government employee for so long, you are out of touch with what the typical Sioux Falls resident thinks about taxes and such. Read this LTE submitted today, and substitute the word state with city. Now you get a general idea of what Joe SixPack thinks of city jobs.


  2. I didn't see anything in Jennifer's blog that said anything about taxes, whether she supported any tax or not. Nor, did I see reference to the Municipal League other than she and Turbak served together. She seems to be talking about the new Director's credentials. All I got from her blog was she supported the selection.

  3. "Anonymous said...

    I didn't see anything in Jennifer's blog that said anything about taxes"...

    ...Well Anon, you are right, Jennifer did not say anything about taxes. She didn't have too. She and Turbak "worked" together at the SDML did they not? Let's look at the SDML website and see what they think of taxes. From SDML 2011 Statement Of Policy, of which our newest City Finance Director presides, and Jennifer once participated in, here is word for word the SDML take on taxes. A third penny sales tax is also on their radar. You all are on drugs if you think for one minute that idea will be forwarded by SF voters any time soon.

    …The SDML supports retaining the ability of municipalities to impose, adjust, and determine local rates, protect current revenues, prevent loss of revenue, and to account for any future growth.

    The SDML opposes the repeal of the sales tax on groceries.

    The SDML supports a sales tax on all catalog and Internet sales.

    The SDML opposes any further exemptions from the sales tax laws.

    The SDML supports allowing broad, local-option authority to municipalities that would enable the return of any potential tax revenue increases to entities or persons deemed appropriate by the municipality.

    The SDML supports a sales tax collection allowance for all sellers, whether in or out of state.

    The SDML opposes any moratorium on taxation of Internet services.

    The SDML strongly supports legislation to amend SDCL 10-52A-2 to allow up to 2 percent “bed, booze, and board” tax.

    The SDML supports legislation to allow municipalities to impose an additional tax on the leases or rentals of hotel, motel, campsites, or other lodging accommodations within the municipality.

    The SDML opposes any attempt by the state to extend their authority over the collection, administration, and redistribution of the municipal sales tax for any purpose.

    The SDML strongly opposes any formula-driven redistribution of sales and use tax revenues.

    The SDML supports continued local control over local rates and opposes weighted averaging or a state-imposed single rate.

    The SDML opposes any legislation that would reduce, remove, repeal or reallocate the municipal sales tax, liquor tax reversion or any other municipal revenues to any other unit of government or that would expand the power to impose a sales or use tax to any other unit of government.