Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Thoughts

"I don't want to get into that." The irritating statement of politicians when asked a tough question they don't want to answer.

A $200 fine for "blocking the box." A fine in Virginia Beach for cars who try to beat the light and sit in the intersection waiting to turn left. The four corners of the intersection are blocked with a big X.  We should try it on the major intersections in Sioux Falls.

Eating out in a restaurant in Virginia Beach will tack a total of 10% sales tax on your total bill. Sales tax is 4% state, 1% local. Localities in Virginia can assess additional sales tax evidenced by the restaurant tax. A novel idea, tax people who eat and drink out. If people can afford to eat out then they can pay an additional sales tax. Groceries taxed at 2%. I guess we are not alone taxing groceries.

Red light cameras at a lot of intersections but just as controversial in Virginia as SD.

Traffic, Traffic Traffic everywhere, any time of the day. Traffic bursts in Sioux Falls that last 30 minutes max. At least the people in Virginia know what it means to merge into traffic when they enter the interstate.

No sidewalks, no curbs. They don't care if people have to walk in the streets.

Snow paralyzes everything in Virginia Beach. Even the threat of snow closes schools. It has to be a raging blizzard to close down Sioux Falls.

No swearing signs on each street corner down at the "Beach." Local officials are trying to promote a family environment experience at the "Beach."

A simple 8 oz. sirloin costs $26 and a pound of plump steamed shrimp costs $9.95. Beef in Virginia just does not taste the same as beef in SD.

Movies that only cost $5 during the day, not just the early first movie.

Navy fighter jets in the sky day and night.

A gallon of gas inching close to $3.50.

Fresh organic market that makes the most delicious take-out food for those of us that don't cook.

American history experiences. Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown within a few minutes driving.

Huge Navy presence. Navy ships and submarine sightings abound out on the ocean horizon.

No cars with faulty exhausts, crushed bumpers, windows or tail lights covered in plastic because every car must be state inspected once a year or face a fine.

Pulled pork barbecue with cole slaw on a bun.

Hatteras Clam Chowder, She Crab Soup, oyster stew, crab cakes, stuffed flounder with crab, hush puppies, steamed shrimp. Normal restaurant eating here.

License plates from all the country.

Water everywhere you look - ocean, intercoastal waterway, Chesapeake Bay, inlets, canals, rivers.

Bridges over water instead of railroad tracks. Bridges that go up to let big boats pass through. Tunnels under the water for boats to pass over.

A 17 mile bridge across Chesapeake Bay to the Eastern Shore of Virginia that entails 3 underwater tunnels for the tanker and Navy ship channels.

Robberies and murders.

A feeling of being unsafe after dark.

Instead of KELOLAND TV -  10 On Your Side, WavyTV.  Instead of Crimestoppers - Lock U Up. Local high schools sports do not dominate the local news program, neither does weather.

A Prime Outlet Mall in Williamsburg that entails 4 different outdoor malls. A true shopping experience where you park your car and walk instead of parking right in front of a store.

Chickahominy House in Williamsburg that gives you a plantation style eating experience. Chicken and Dumplings, Miss Melinda's Special, ham biscuits, buttermilk pie.

Big dogs running free on the beach.

Surfers trying to catch the next big wave.

A furniture store called "The Dump."

Six lanes of highway, 3 turn lanes at intersections.

55 mph or 60 mph speed limits that are totally ignored. If you are not traveling at least 10 miles or more over the speed limit, you are a traffic obstruction.

Springtime lush with blooming azalea bushes, camelias, and wisteria. They are in full bloom in March/April.

The sound of the ocean instead of the winter wind.

The wonderful invention of skype to stay in touch when away from home.

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  1. "Pulled pork barbecue with cole slaw on a bun."

    One of my favorite sandwiches.