Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boo Hoo

Now we have study that tells us a woman's tears are a turnoff to men. Men don't find crying women sexually attractive. I don't believe that is new news, is it? Maybe I have not known the right men, but I don't recall any men I know that are comfortable around a woman in tears.

I have to admit, that I hated it when someone cried in my office, man or woman. It seemed to me that those tears were used as a tool to be manipulative in a serious situation which was confronting them. I handed them a box of tissues and stayed silent until they were done crying. That's not to say I don't have a heart.  Really, I do have a heart and can be as sentimental as the next person. However, I think I can tell the difference between real tears and tears used to elicit undeserved sympathy or a way to get out of something. I can boo hoo with the best of them at a sentimental movie, when I say goodbye to the ones I love, when I see something that moves me emotionally.

It is interesting to listen to men respond to House Speaker Boehner's crying and choked up behavior.  They don't like it. Actually, they are pretty vocal about not liking it. I, on the other hand, am kind of fascinated by it. Yes, it has made me feel uncomfortable at times but I don't think his crying or choked up responses indicate he is a weak man.  He is an emotional man, no doubt about it. Are his tears sincere? I think so. Who knows. Does it make him a weak man? I don't think so considering the fact that I can still see and hear him shouting on the House floor when he was talking about health care reform. He is just a weepy, emotional man when it comes to his personal self.

Can you imagine what people would say if Nancy Pelosi cried Bohener boo hoos? Weak woman, emotionally unstable, not fit for a leadership position. I don't care what anyone says about gender equality. People still view men and women differently when it comes to the boo hoo category. I can't wait for the study on men tears. They have a good subject in which to test, our own House Speaker.

In the meantime, I think I will just go off in a corner and cry some silent crocodile tears so as not to offend someone. Sniffle, Sniffle.

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