Friday, January 7, 2011

Reforming Downtown Parking Policies

Joe Batcheller hit it on the head in his My Voices article. This is a good economic development project for the Director of Community Development/Public Parking Facilities. These parking policies are under the direct administration and supervision of the director and he can play a significant role in driving this agenda with his parking board and Downtown Sioux Falls. These same old policies could use a breath of fresh air and some new and progressive ideas. The mayor says he doesn't want to hear "this is the way we have always done it." Well, mayor, let's do something about this. It fits right into your economic development agenda for the downtown area.

People are constantly complaining about parking in downtown Sioux Falls and it's because everybody wants to park at a meter in front of the store of their choice instead of a parking lot or the ramp. Heaven forbid that someone walks a short distance to get to their storefront of choice. Look at how far they have walk once they get into a mall? People in this town are afraid of parking ramps. Shawn Cable of KSFY calls this area "metro" but let's call it what it is - a big town with a small town mentality. 

All these people who denigrate the downtown and say its for yuppies obviously never go down there. To them I say open your minds and go on an adventure.  You don't have to buy something downtown. Go for a walk downtown and take in Sculpture Walk. I wish people would open their minds to new ideas and a new scenario. There is more to this town than the two Walmarts.

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