Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Need More Cookies

Like the Cookie Monster who has a voracious appetite for cookies, it looks like the mayor is going to have a voracious appetite for more money to complete his vision. $500,000 was budgeted and approved by the city council to study the mayor's concept and to begin designing the event center. As reported by the ARGUS LEADER, the mayor told the city council earlier this week that he might need more money.

When he was asked what's costing more than originally planned, the mayor said he anticipates needing additional legal help from contract experts, as well as specialty consultants to help with naming rights and financing. He said his staff expect to have to travel to other cities to see their facilities and whether they would work the Sioux Falls. "I think there's potential for additional expenses throughout this entire journey," he said

I thought the $500,000 was to pay for the design process, the hiring of an architectural firm, a construction manager at risk, a comparative analysis of sites and an economic analysis. Has this first $500,000 project been completed yet...where's the analysis of sites and economic analysis?   Let's see where this $500,000 has gone first before we start asking for money.  Tell us what has been spent to date and what is left. I suggest the city finish the $500,000 project first before they start asking for money to travel and for hiring "legal experts" to study naming rights. Kind of jumping the gun, in my opinion.

Me want cookie. Me want cookie. Om nom, nom, nom.

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