Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dawn Breaking

Watching dawn awakening across the horizon is one beautiful sight. If you haven't experienced it, you should put it on your bucket list. I got up the other morning and looked outside and it was a marvelous sense of beginnings. Pink skies, a hint of something extraordinary happening against the clouds.

Then, the exodus of fishing boats leaving Rudee Inlet and speeding off to the south to catch the "catch of the day." One after another, over 31 in all. I wonder if they pay attention to the beginning of their day or are they just intent on finding their special fishing spot.

Skies the color of greys, pinks, and yellow. Clouds in the horizon that look like mountains. A hint of blue skies against a warm glow off the horizon.  It is a peek at earth waking itself up from slumber.

All those Navy ships, tankers, gliding smoothly across the Atlantic Ocean, moving away from the coastline into the dawning in the east. Living on the oceanfront is a wonderful experience. The view is never tiring. The waves, big and small, crashing onto the beach. People walking, dogs running free in the winter season, people searching for metals and some people just standing at the waterline staring out into the vast ocean engulfed in their own thoughts. Peaceful!

Dawn is truly the miracle of the universe and life itself.

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