Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whose Backbone is Beck Talking About?

The city needs to get a backbone says Mr. Beck of the ARGUS LEADER. What is the man talking about? There is plenty of backbone in this town. I guess because all the people who have commented on this project or have strong feelings about this project don't count and are getting in the way of progress as Beck sees it.

 If the Event Center issue left the rails, it is the Mayor's responsibility to put it firmly back on the rails. Yes, to his credit, the mayor brought this issue to the forefront of debate. I have yet to hear how he intends to pay for this idea though. It is still this vague notion of bonding, general fund and private money. The public wants to know that and the taxpayers won't go back on the rails until they know how it is going to be paid for and how it will impact their taxes.

If his idea is so great he should have everyone falling in line with his vision. There are many people in this community who don't support his vision. The social media campaign led by someone who never showed much interest in the city until now is the most stupid comment I have heard to date. Instead of talking about the issue, just insult the individual. You insult by inference so let's name him, Steve Hildebrand.  He lives in this community and is involved in this 'social media campaign' you insult.   What does one's interest before now have anything to do with expressing one's opinion.

Guess what, Mr. Beck, every man, woman and child's idea is the American way. It is called a democracy.  It is not always pretty but it is the most effective.  The voters have the final say. This is not a dictatorship. That social media campaign you so easily dismiss is made up of competent, responsible thinking people in this community who happen to believe in an Event Center the same as you do. So just because they don't agree with your position they are wrong and insignificant?

It is the mayor's job to work through the rhetoric, listen to all sides and work towards an agenda that makes economic sense to the taxpayers. This project is not an addition or remodel project. This is an issue that will impact the economic climate and stability for this community for decades. I am sorry you don't like this debate.  Big deal - it's not about you or your backbone. It's about what is good for this city.


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