Monday, January 3, 2011

The Govenor's Executive Committee

I am actually intrigued by the appointment of Costello to the new Executive Committee created by the Governor-Elect. His actual work experience, entrepreneurial background and his CPA credentials make him an interesting selection for this government job. I worked with Pat when he was a city councilor.  He was passionate about his opinions and fiscally very conservative.  It will be interesting to watch his progress on state economic development issues. 

I have some questions about these new executive committee appointments. Are these new positions full time jobs? Will Pat and the other appointments move to Pierre? What are the annual salaries of these new super cabinet positions? Are they eligible to get state benefits and state pensions?

Super cabinet and regular cabinet positions. State government is growing at the executive level, no doubt about it. Interesting considering the budget problems.


  1. I don't understand why the ARGUS LEADER doesn't at the very least ask some of these probing, investigative questions about this new level the Governor Elect is adding to Sate government. Considering the cuts Daugaard is proposing to education, how does adding this new level of government jobs fit into this fiscal picture?

  2. Yes they are full time positions, and eligible for benefits. I doubt they have to live in Pierre but I'm sure they are expected to be there when needed. The pay will come out and be available on the states website when they are actually hired. The transition office I believe has a 70K budget which was budgeted in this years state budget. Had to keep the son in law getting a pay check somehow.