Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arizona Sadness

I, like millions of other Americans, have been riveted to the TV over the past few days watching the unspeakable tragedy in Tucson. As shots rang out by another deranged person, many people fell wounded and dying on an asphalt parking lot. We constantly ask why such terrible things have to happen to innocent people and then we immediately look to place blame. I have to admit that I felt a kinship to what the Arizona Sheriff said that first day. We have become an ugly and uncivil society with our speech and actions when dealing with the government and elected officials. Blogs and the Internet are filled with the most hateful comments about people.

I turned off the news reports when the blame game started once again.  All that rhetoric was taking away the significance of the loss of life and heartbreak that so many families were going through as they mourned the loss of their loved ones or prayed fervently for the life of their loved ones. In this unspeakable event, I did not want to hear about some one's right to bear arms.  I did not want to hear about some one's political mumble jumble. I felt sorrow and wanted to focus my attention on praying for all those people impacted by one mentally deranged man who felt he needed to kill someone in order to set his world right.

Be quiet America and somberly listen to the heroism of ordinary people and the love families feel for the ones they lost. In a couple of weeks, all this vitriolic language and actions will resurface anyway and people will soon forget this unspeakable tragedy perpetrated on the citizens of Arizona.  Their lives will never be the same again. For the rest of us, we will just go back to our awful uncivil behaviors like it never happened. I wish that wasn't true, but unfortunately it is human nature.

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