Friday, November 26, 2010

The Yacker Tracker

The Yacker Tracker, a device used to lower the noise levels in schools. I’m going to apply it to things going on in our world.  Red is bad, yellow is caution, and green is good job, way to go.

 Red light flashing when ARGUS LEADER sports writer, Stu Whitney,  talks about the event center.  He gives kudos to the mayor for standing up to the downtown property owners who confuse "progress" with personal interest. WHAT?!!!! Red Light! Red Light! Red Light!

Those local business owners he insults have invested their life savings in an area that represents the beating heart of this city. They are committed and support the city's efforts in downtown revitalization and have the vision to see the positive results of future development downtown.  This, by the way, benefits all the citizens and visitors to our city, not just their own personal interest.

An earlier KELOTV/ARGUS LEADER poll hardly ended the debate on where the Event Center should be built. Building the largest economic engine for the city deserves constructive debate.

He may work downtown but he is obviously no friend of downtown. His attempt at local politics was posted in the sports section. Mr. Sports Writer, stick to sports commentary or move to the Voices Section of the paper.

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