Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm in charge. No, I'm in charge!

Well, after months and months, the railroad relocation project seems to have bumped it's head up from a deep sleep and received attention from the Mayor and the City Council. Too bad that they need to play tug of war regarding who is actually managing the project and whose priority it is. The Mayor said it was one of his priorities when he took office.  The new Councilors made it a priority even before taking office in May of this year.

I don't really care who gets the glory, I just want them all to start doing something about a project that has been languishing and flopping around without a breath. I am glad to hear it's on the forefront again.

I guess the Mayor doesn't like someone stealing his priorities because he told the Council yesterday that it's his administration that's managing the project, not the Council.  He said, "Just to be clear, the executive branch of government versus the city council is responsible for this project. I want to keep the city council involved, but guess what? We are already doing it. " Hardly, Mayor. It's every one's priority.  Where is that teamwork model you are always talking about? He sounds like the kid in the playgroup who is always saying it's mine and no one else can play with the toy.


  1. If the Mayor listed the railroad tracks as one of the items impacting Downtown as a location for the Events Center, how does setting a date in 2014 for completion of the railroad relocation project help the movement of Build it Downtown? If this project has been languishing since 2006, why is it still taking another 4 years??? Has absolutely none of this work Cotter talks about been done in all this time? Good grief!!

  2. ARGUS LEADER (11-16-10) "In 2005, $40 million was earmarked for the project. There now is $36.2 million available for the city to spend."

    Where did the $3.8 million earmarked for the railroad relocation project go and what was it spent on?

  3. Huether recently said - too bad there aren't two of me - think of how much we could get done then. The problem with having two Huehter's is that they would be fighting over who gets credit for what. He's not showing the best side of Mike Huether these days.