Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A New Organization Structure for State Government

I just looked at the new organization chart of Governor Elect Daugaard.  He has established an executive level committee structure reporting directly to him.  Cabinet members, who once reported directly to the Governor, organizationally, will now report directly to one of his executive committee members. The organization chart says the Cabinet will have direct access to the Governor. A cabinet member can go directly to the Governor, thereby bypassing the Governor's Executive Committee Officer?  Hmmm, sounds like a chain of command problem to me.  I thought Cabinet members were the "executive committee."

It is going to be interesting to see  the salary structure of this new layer of government .  Usually when you add a layer of management, the layer beneath it goes down in salary. I say usually, because government does not always work that way when elected politicians want their way.  Will they still be appointed? Will their salaries change downward? What will be the salaries of  this newly created executive committee?   A whole new layer of bureaucracy and a son-in-law on the payroll to boot.


  1. Another layer of government and salaries appears to me unnecessary, complicating the process of governing. And the worst of it, additional burden for tax payers.

  2. For those of us who look at this from Pierre, the key person to watch as part of this supposed policy commitee will be Matt Michels. That's Mr. full-time Lt. Gov. Michels/who will be looking to run at the end of the DD reign.