Monday, November 15, 2010

Is there a Timeline for the Event Center?

I have been listening to the Mayor, Cotter and Cooper talk about the Event Center process at Information Meetings, City Council meetings and on Citilink. I read about it in the ARGUS LEADER. Why am I confused? I think I am a fairly intelligent woman, but they talk about this footprint thing and this design process and comparative analysis and economic analysis and suddenly all those words are swimming around in this old noggin. So, because I like things neat and tidy and oh yes, organized, I went back and did my own little outline/timeline, call it what you will.  A road map so I can understand what the City Hall Trio says when they say it. Although they do mix up the words from time to time. I am not sure if they are trying to confuse me or are confused themselves.

1.  The Design Process - which Cotter says will create the "Footprint." The city will choose an architectural firm to design the Event Center.
  • The RFP for the architect and engineering team went out Mid-October, 2010.
  • The Deadline for RFP submission was November 10, 2010.
  • An evaluation team was identified the week of November 8, 2010, comprised of 5 citizens and 5 city officials.
  • The design process is to be completed by year end 2010.
  • Cotter says all sites identified by the Downtown Group will be looked at by the architects who will develop high resolution aerials to develop a template to start to position in some logical locations at both sites and find the most suitable and feasible location at both areas.
2.  Comparative Analysis of the Arena Site and a Downtown location to see which would benefit the city better financially.
  • The City says the "footprint" needs to be established to see which sites will work.
  • The City says the analysis will encompass parking, site availability, public infrastructure such as water and sewer.
  • Mayor asks the following questions - "Can it fit? What are the expenses? Revenue generated and expense incurred.  All questions he feels needs addressing when looking at the sites.
  • Mayor says three things impact the Downtown location:
    • Land
    • Parking
    • Railroad Tracks
  • This comparative analysis is to be completed in the 1st Quarter, 2011.
3. Economic Analysis - Cooper has identified the following:
  • Real estate values
  • Potential tax revenues
  • Ability to guarantee additional future development
  • Determine how businesses will benefit.
4.  The Vote. The Mayor says the timeline for the vote is November 2011 or early March/April 2012 and the vote will encompass where, size and expense.

I hope when they look at parking at the Arena and a Downtown site they remember that all those parking spaces in downtown are subsidized by paying renters during business hours.  This rent pays for the parking infrastructures. That is not the case at the Arena, where they will build parking lots which will sit empty the majority of the time until there is an event. 

Clear as mud everyone? Unfortunately, it is only as clear as what comes out of the mouths of our leaders. I am just here to help you great men and women, I am.

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  1. Well, city officials told the City Council Monday night, November 16th that the railroad relocation project is expected to be complete in 2014. How convenient for the Mayor's vision for building the Event Center at the Arena.