Monday, November 15, 2010

Location, Location, Location?

Mayor Huether first stated that his vision involved putting the Event Center near the Sioux Falls Arena.

At the November 8th City Council update, he said professionals should decide the best location.

On KELOTV Sunday night, he said, "The important thing isn't so much the location.  "The important thing is getting it built. That is what's going to drive your economic development dollars. That's what's going to drive your commercial development dollars. The opportunity costs you lose by not building it can be quite overwhelming."

I am getting confused. Where does he want it? Does he care where it is built? Who is going to make the decision?


  1. Interesting stats. I thought the parking and in/out traffic was the issue of putting it downtown. Son Cory does lights/sound for numerous bands and said the downtown site would be a nightmare for event trucks????? Is it a problem with the concerts downtown now?

  2. You are so right. Location, location, location! As an outsider, he sounds schizophrenic why does he think he was elected. "The important thing is getting it built We have to build it." Smacks of Nancy Pelosi saying,"We have to pass it to know what's in it".

  3. Semis get in and out of the Washington Pavilion right smack dab in downtown Sioux Falls. They unload groceries at Sunshine on 2nd Ave. There are trucks unloading merchandise .No, it would not be a nightmare.

  4. Please explain the difference between economic development dollars and commercial development dollars. Sounds like double speak to me.

  5. Exactly, the Mayor says they are totally different but doesn't expound on his pearls of wisdom.