Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons for Downtown Event Center

  1. Easy in and out-Central location; 360 degree exit
    -14 major routes in and out mean faster get-away
    -12,000 people come and go every morning and afternoon
    -Access to 3 interstate highways
  2. Ample Parking-7,300 spaces within 4 blocks
    -Well dispersed parking means less aggravated get away
    -Don’t need to take away a neighborhood park
  3. Over 40 restaurants and bars within 6 blocks
  4. Greatest economic development potential-Spur new hotel development
    -Spur new restaurant development
    -Greatest amount of developable land available
  5. More sales tax revenue
  6. More property tax revenue-Taxable valuation doubled by 100,000,000 over the last 10 years
  7. Most beautiful setting-Falls Park
    -River greenway beautification is underway
    -Historic downtown architecture
  8. An increasingly vibrant neighborhood-Planned higher density residential growth will create a sustainable environment for economic development
  9. Best place to sell our community.  It is the “there” of Sioux Falls
  10. This isn’t your parents Downtown-A lot has happened in the last 10 years to transform downtown into the wonderful place it is
Source: Build It Downtown

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