Monday, November 29, 2010

Drowning in Debt

Why is it that the Federal government and Congress cannot live within a balanced budget? Their failure to act fiscally responsible will affect our lives as we know it now and in the future.

There are some extreme measures that will have to be taken if we want to save the economic structure of the country. I do not think people understand the magnitude of this problem. People continue to go about their daily lives thinking things will be OK.

This is not a Democrat or Republican problem. It is every one's problem and every Republican or Democrat who has held an elective office these past 20 plus years is to blame for the fix we are in today. Republicans act like this all happened within the last two years. Well, wake up America! This country has been drowning in debt for decades.

The draconian measures needed to get us out of this fix are monumental. And guess who will carry the brunt of those draconian measures? The middle class, as usual, if the current Congress has its way.  This fight by Republicans to save tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% is downright unconscionable in today's budget crisis. If Congress can't deal with this one issue, how can we expect them to solve this massive budget deficit?

Military spending, farm subsidies, earmarks, employer based health insurance, social security, Medicare, cutting tax deductions for charitable giving, mortgage interest - the list goes on and on.  These cuts are going to impact everyone and our way of life as we know it.

Salary, benefit levels and perks for members of Congress should be cut first, along with the federal administrative budget. Identify waste in military spending, federal contracts, and Medicare and do something about it, instead of just talking about it. Maybe if all those politicians acted as role models and sacrificed themselves we could believe they were sincere in caring about the American people.

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