Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful ......

- that I didn't slide into the cars parked on my street Wednesday because the city decided to save  money by not sanding residential streets and intersections.

- that the White Castle dressing my brother is making to go with the turkey won't poison me. (he did this last year much to our chagrin and it's actually quite tasty.)

- that my pug Gracie didn't break her legs sliding into the garage door after doing her business out back.

- that I have a warm coat so I won't freeze to death watching Augie play their playoff game Saturday. I give all my old coats to charities, something I encourage everyone with plenty of extra warm coats to do.

- that my nephew made it home safely from  his home in Minneapolis.

- that there are still people out there who have the vision to see the possibilities of a vibrant downtown.

- that I can still color within the lines.

- that I can find quarters to plug the downtown meters so the city can tear down that parking ramp over the river.

- that I can still afford to pay for the gas I need to put in my car.

- for my Keurig coffee maker.

- for those delicious pink cookies created by my Grandma Bergren and which my niece Shelby makes each holiday season.

- that I still have some friends at City Hall with courage and conviction who haven't deserted me even after I started my blog.

- for all those selfless people in our community who give their time and their money to those who are not as fortunate as the rest of us and who don't have the need to let the rest of the world know how wonderful they are for doing it.

- that my 92 year old father is still with us another year and can still play a mean game of cards and can talk sports better than most sports writers.

- for having a mother who gave everything for her family and continues to live in our hearts and minds even though she lost her battle with cancer 27 years ago.

- for my identical twin sister who keeps me grounded and is my best friend.

- for a son who has grown into a mature and loving man, husband and father who still loves his mother and helps whenever she asks.

- for my extended family who gives me unconditional love and many moments of pure joy.

- for the loving sound of Grandma Jen coming from the lips of my sweet grandson, Finn. He tells me I am his best friend.

- for old and new friends who continue to enrich my life.

- for every breath I take and the many blessings in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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  1. Jennifer, I enjoy reading your posts, and look forward to having the freedom of speech you are enjoying someday.