Saturday, October 30, 2010

Noem vs. Herseth Sandlin

Herseth Sandlin is in the fight of her political career. You have to ask why a Democrat such as herself could have won three terms in the House when she won those elections in such a "red" state.  When she was re-elected to her third full term in the U.S. House of Representatives, she received more than 250,000 votes, more than 67% of votes cast. Republicans outnumber Democrats in this state so there had to be alot of Republicans who voted for her in past elections.

There are probably many reasons she got the votes. She comes from a prominent political family in this State. She is also a moderate Democrat and has proven time and again that she votes for what is good for South Dakota, not along party lines. She is the Co-Chair for the Administration of the Blue Dog Coalition, which is a group of moderate Democrats committed to fiscal discipline and strong national security. 

What has happened since her last election, you might ask?  Well, for one thing, the country has its first African American President and he happens to be a Democrat. The whispers are that he is a Muslim too and wasn't even born in the United States. Add to that the Palin factor and those paranoid Tea Partiers and you have the recipe for what is happening to incumbent Democrats in this election cycle.Based on Noem and her political ads, Herseth Sandlin is this liberal Democrat that is in the pocket of House Speaker Pelosi.

It pains me to think that people are so blind to just plain old common sense.  Throw out the incumbents, no matter what they stand for seems to be the mantra for this election.  Well, why not just put plugs in your ears and throw a bag over your head and throw a dart at a big board and take your chances. That is the same as just blindly throwing out the incumbents because they are incumbents.

The debate between Noem and Herseth Sandlin and that other guy was painful to watch. As one of my friends said, no matter how hard Herseth Sandlin tried to brush off the rantings and accusations of Noem, she just couldn't get it off her person. 

It is going to be a sad day for South Dakota if Noem wins election. She is going to cut the deficit and repeal the Health Bill.  I doubt it.  What she will do is continue to feed the partisan politics in Washington that has basically crippled the ability to get anything done. At least Herseth Sandlin has a mind of her own and has consistently voted for what is good for South Dakota.  Noem does not have a mind of her own.  She is just a republican robot who will do as she is told by the Republican party leadership.

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