Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where are all the progressive voters.

This community can't seem to get the big projects done. I just don't get it. The naysayers seem to be the majority or at least they are the ones who come out to vote so they become the majority by default. Voter apathy is strong and alive when it comes to local issues in this city. I don't think it's fair to say that the Build the New Event Center Downtown group is detrimental to getting the Event Center passed though. That group supports the Event Center. All they want is for both locations to get the same economic analysis. If that analysis says the arena location is the best, then they will get behind the Mayor's pet location. The bottom line is, this city needs an Events Center, period. It amazes me to hear from all those people who still complain about the Washington Pavilion. It's because these are the people who don't see the big picture. Venues like the Washington Pavilion, the Event Center, a community center, sports complexes, etc. bring revenue to the city. If we don't have visitors come to our city, eat in our restaurants, shop, buy gas, etc., we will die as a city and we will all end up paying more taxes. Have you been to Fargo, ND or Rochester, MN lately? Both cities are smaller than Sioux Falls but both cities have a much more progressive feel to them than Sioux Falls. There are a lot of small minds in this town. I suppose as long as they have their pool parlors, Bingo centers, dart tournaments,smoke filled bars they will be happy campers. They don't think we need anything else and they seem to be the ones who vote. I am tired of the naysayers driving the progressive issues for this city.

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