Friday, October 29, 2010

Mayor’s Support of Downtown????

Oh my, think what would happen if the Mayor didn’t support the Downtown?  After all, he has done so much for Downtown since he took office.  His plan to build the Event Center out at the Arena/Convention Center is a sure sign that he supports Downtown, right? He met with the board of directors of Downtown Sioux Falls and told them how they should work together and pay more attention to downtown Sioux Falls. As quoted in the ARGUS LEADER, he said, “We all want it to occur, but there is no one doing it. If no one is going to drive it, then the city will.” Are you kidding me? When I think I have heard everything, something more outrageous comes from the mayor. If he really understood the mission of the Chamber, Sioux Falls Development Foundation and Downtown Sioux Falls he would not recommend they be consolidated under one roof.  I can’t wait to hear from Economic Development Czar Smith on what his labors in working for downtown will be in the future.  Of course, he can’t go into specifics but announcements will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead.   The style coming out of the Mayor’s office is to tell people what they haven’t been doing right and how he is going to fix it. Good grief. A one man band does not a team make.

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