Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Commercial Vehicles in Residential Areas

Councilor Entenmen was on TV the other night saying he supports removing ordinance language banning the parking of commerical vehicles in residential areas. WHAT? The City has such ordinances in place to keep residential areas nice, quiet and peaceful areas.  There is no place for commercial vehicles in a residential zone.  Just what we need, look out our homes and see semi-truck cabs, potato chip trucks, tow trucks, buses and limosines and what all parked in front of houses or across the street. The residential streets are just that - residential.  There is a clear distinction between commercial and residential. This is no different than the issue regarding recreational vehicles in a residential area.  I just don't get why these councilors are so bent on junking up our neighborhoods because a couple constituants complain they can't park or store these vehicles by their homes.  When did the few get the voice over the majority?  If I wanted to look out my front door and see a commerical vehicle parked on the street, I would build my house in a commerically zoned area.  A little common sense from the City Council on these issues would be appreciated.

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