Friday, October 1, 2010

Mayor's Event Center Advisory Team

It is well and good to have an advisory team to help the Mayor travel through the mindfield of public opinion, but when the advisory team is only made up of people who have the same mindset as the Mayor then it becomes kind of joke, doesn't it? Why weren't  Council Chair Jamison and/or Councilors Brown and Erpenbach  included in those advisory meetings? Because they have challenged him on this issue. Councilors Entenman and Aguilar are already supporters of his vision.   Same goes for those influential community leaders. I was always of the belief that the best way to a sound decision was to include people with opinions on both sides of the coin. You can't make a good decision when all you hear is exactly what you want to hear, that which supports your agenda. Too many talking heads bobbing yes and no talking heads offering other opinions.

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