Friday, October 8, 2010

Demeaning Council Opposition

I was wondering when the friendly demeanor between the Mayor and some members of the City Council would cease to exist. I have seen glimmers of the Mayor's irritation with Councilors Jamison, Brown, and Erpenbach but Monday, October 4th, took the cake.  First came the information meeting where Mayor Huether responded to Councilor Erpenbach's questions in a very condescending manner.  At Monday night's meeting, Council Jamison threw out a question to the Mayor about the $500,000. First Rolfing did the Mayor's bidding for him and gave Jamison a lecture on his question as if the Mayor couldn't speak for himself. Mayor Huether then chimed in with his lecture to Jamison regarding his question.  What is it with this attitude towards council members who don't agree with the Mayor or the majority? It is sad when these three councilors have to preface a question to the Mayor with a disclaimer that they are not being argumentative or that they do not wish to offend the Mayor.  The Mayor doesn't need to be a bully or demean anyone. The Mayor drives the agenda.  That is what this form of government is all about - a strong Mayor, a part-time council. I just wish the Mayor would not disenfranchise those people who question his agenda. The Mayor said the following at one of his presentations to the City Council: "Tough questioning by the City Council doesn't automatically mean conflict and doesn't mean it is running rampant. It is part of the process.  It makes government stronger, maximizes taxpayer dollars. It ensures good balance between different levels of government." Good comment, Mayor. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, even those who disagree or question you.  Now, just put it into practice when dealing with those three on the City Council.

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