Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grandma of a Rock Star, Football Player, or Fireman

Who would think there was a reward for getting older. There is and it is called grandchildren. I can't begin to express the joy my Grandson Finn brings to my aging life. Today he took up the guitar.  When he was three years old, he was pretty darn sure he wanted to be fireman. Depending on when you talk to him, he also says he is going to be a football player. 

His cousin Hannah was celebrating her eighth birthday today and she got a guitar from her Aunt Shelby. Finn waited patiently for Hannah to put it down and then asked if he could play it.  He sat in a chair on the lower deck of his Uncle Todd and Aunt Jen's lake home and strummed that guitar in a very intense manner. Then he got up and started tapping his foot and moving his hips while he strummed on the strings of that guitar. It was something special to watch.

A fireman, a football player, a guitar player.  Honestly I think he could be anyone of those things. But what do I know, I am just his Grandma and get joy out of listening to him tell me what he wants to be when he grows up.  I know I will love him no matter what he decides to do with his life.  In the meantime, he looks good in all three of his hopes and dreams.

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  1. If his name wasn't cute enough he far surpasses that with his that sweet face. I don't know a grandparent that does not think that the role of grandparent is their greatest role in life. Everyone except my children's paternal grandparents now that I think about it! She was one of those grandma's that wouldn't allow the children to call her just that! I know I cannot wait! Finn is truly a gift from God.