Sunday, October 10, 2010

November Election

I am going to be very sad if Noem beats Herseth Sandlin in November.  This state is small and as such, has little clout in Washington.  When we have congressional leaders who become leaders in their own right, it benefits this State.  South Dakota, time and again, likes to throw out those congressional leaders who they think become too big for their britches.  The defeat of Senator Tom Daschle had everyone outside of this state scratching their heads at what kind of numbskulls lived in South Dakota.  Well, we got John Thune and now he wants to be President.  I just can't help laughing at the irony of it all. Why can't he be satisfied to just serving us South Dakotans? We now are faced with the possibility of a neophyte running against a seasoned, competent and highly successful congresswoman.  Noem has nothing to offer.  Her campaign ads are devoid of substance and instead use the platitudes expressed by everyother Tea Partier or right wing member Republican. Let's just cut off our nose to spite our face, shall we? Another opportunity for this State in November is to make a change in the state leadership.  After 8 years of Rounds and Daugaard, how much more deficit and big government can we stand? Heideprim is an honorable man who has much to offer this state. I hope the people of this state give him a chance. I still have hope.

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