Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What does a Vote No on November 8th Really Mean?

Most people in this community support an event center for Sioux Falls because it is recognized as the future economic engine for this city. The vote on November 8th isn't a vote on whether you support an event center in Sioux Falls.

The vote on November 8th is whether you support an event center at the Arena/Convention Center location by borrowing $115 million for construction and another $10 million in interest from the second penny sales tax. The vote on November 8th cements taxpayers to a nebulous plan for funding annual operating costs by the private sector.  It is a vote on the mayor's vision for an event center.  A vision supported and approved by only 4 other city councilors.
Voting no on November 8th doesn't kill the event center idea.

A vote no kills an ill conceived and poorly placed event center in our city.  A vote no  means:
  •  no to under funded maintenance and growth of city streets and infrastructure because of debt payments for an EC.
  • no to a financial plan that is based on economic forecasts that promote steady economic growth in a economic climate where there is sluggish job growth and a lack of consumer confidence.
Maybe once this vision is voted down, the city and taxpayers can get to an event center concept that makes sense both economically and commercially and one that truly captures the economic impact to the community for decades to come. A vote no means we can finally move forward with a better event center plan.

Vote no on the mayor and his 4 councilor followers vision for an event center on November 8th.

Then, let's get down to business on a plan that makes economic sense both now and in the future.


  1. A vote NO also means a lack of confidence in this mayor and his four cronies on the council. I can't shout this NO any louder!!

  2. This blog should be sent as a "Letter to the Editor" of the Argus Leader and hopefully they will publish it so more of the "Good Citizens of Sious Falls" can read it. Also how convenient for the Mayor that the States Attorney left it up to the City Attorney to decide if Huether's one sided presentation is legal. Let's see, wonder who has the power to hire & fire the City Attorney? Oh that's right, it's the Mayor.

  3. Correction: the words "States Attorney" in comment 2 should have been "South Dakota Attorney General". My error, 'arby'