Saturday, October 22, 2011

Now Is Not the Time - Another Voice Against the Event Center Plan

I wouldn't normally post a blog from another source but the blog posted by Joel Rosenthal, small businessman and volunteer political activist, bears sharing. Click on the link below and gain another common sense position on why this is not time to build an event center in Sioux Falls.

Another voice from a person who is currently serving in a volunteer capacity as President of the Siouxland Library Board of Trustees. People who do not support the event center plan as proposed and presented to the voting public on November 8th care deeply about the community and are not the enemy of progress.

There is a right way to fund and build an event center. The plan before the voters on November 8th is not the right way. Let's Build It Right instead of  Build It Now.

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  1. Speaking of the Siouxland Library Board of Trustees, I read in the Argus that they're taking suggestions for the name of the new library.

    Here's my suggestion. The Sally Felix branch.