Friday, October 21, 2011

Check Out Those Seats!

So, the big news conference yesterday was to tell us the difference in the seats between the Arena and the new Event Center?  It's very important that the public knows what it is buying so we need to look at the difference in where our butts are going to land and sit for a few hours.

"When you buy a brand new home, you don't just look at the outside and say, 'Yep, I'm going to buy that thing.' You want to look at all the drawers; you want to look in all the closets. You want to make sure that it meets your needs," Huether said.

Instead of worrying about the difference in the seats at the Arena versus the new Event Center, I submit we need to worry about the financing plan, both for construction and for operating the dang  thing once built. The seats are the least of my concerns as a taxpayer.

Press Conferences from City Hall - ad nauseam!


  1. Having cushioned seats in the new EC makes me want to cast a yes vote! Does this mayor think this is what is going to sway me to vote for this "vision" of his. Sorry Mayor, I don't freaking care about the seats in your grand scheme of an EC.

  2. Used car salesman tactics at their finest.

    "Can't you just picture yourself driving this fine piece of machinery?"

    "What can I do to get you to drive this vehicle off my lot today?"

    Build the emotional connection and then go in for the kill. Too bad (for him) the Mayor was doing this sales job to (what appears to be) all of 3 people.

    My question, why are the "common folk" seats sans cupholders?

  3. I am still more concerned about the needs this city will have in the next 22 years that will be "put on the back burner" for, Lewis and Clark funding, new schools, new firehouses, new streets, maintenance of current streets, buildings, etc. Already projects are "put back" to fund various aspects of this project. Sorry, I could care less about the seats!!

  4. "One of the aspects is to have a new facility to increase the available space but also dates and encourage other venues to come into Sioux Falls," Director of Public Works Mark Cotter said.

    Whaa?? How many more "venues" do we need in Sioux Falls? Wouldn't a new event center be enough, Mark? Wouldn't moving a "venue" to Sioux Falls be prohibitively expensive?

    Hey Mark. Venue =/= event. A venue is a location where you hold events. Ya know, like a building. You'd think the guy that is supposedly in charge of overseeing this whole thing would know that. Then again, the Mayor told people he wanted to locate the events center downtown (but HE MEANT convention center!! Grrr!!), people all over are calling this the "entertainment center", and even more people are altogether confused in thinking this was something that was already voted down (rec center).

    So I guess this is just par for the course.

  5. Next week they'll probably display the toilet seats. And the press will all show up and make it news. I'm serious, I wish I was joking. Mayor discussed "potty parity" at one of presentations last week!!

  6. Did you hear those seats were hauled to the Chamber dinner? Suppose the community business leaders were impressed?

  7. Cotter fits very well with the rest of Heuther's incompetent crew as he doesn't have a clue on what he is doing. He's overpaid and doesn't understand what his job entails much less how to manage the employees under him. It took Heuther to tell him that the existing streets were falling apart and needed to be repaired. Unfortunately the asphalt overlay they are doing all over town will begin to fail about the time Heuther gets kicked out of office. This will be another mess and expense to be fixed by the next Mayor.