Monday, October 17, 2011

Reinforcing "Woe is Me" and Calling it Spite

Mr. Beck wrote an interesting commentary in the Sunday Argus Leader. He uses the issue of neighbors reporting neighbors who violate city ordinances by parking their boats and RVs in front of their house as a comparison to the event center debate.

Mr. Beck publicly insults and demeans a private citizen in the very column where he talks about spite. Such doublespeak. To say spite is the driving force behind not supporting the mayor's event center plan is ridiculous.

It disregards those in the community, both ordinary citizens and credible business leaders, who care about this community and have opinions that differ from the mayor and who are vocal in addressing those differences.

All Mr. Beck did in his opinion column was reinforce the mayor's feelings of persecution that he himself voiced on Stu Whitney's Live Sports Blog. The mayor thinks those who vote no are voting no because they don't like him. Sorry, it's not about spite or dislike or personal feelings.

Politics is a tough business. If you are constantly talking about getting your feelings hurt or people are out to get you because they don't like you then one should stay in the private sector.

The event center vote on November 8th is not a popularity contest, Mr. Beck and Mr. Mayor. Both of you need to get over yourselves.

And by the way, when do citizens get to pick and choose which city ordinance or law they want to follow and which one they want to break? Mr. Beck's logic is not logical.


  1. Good logic, Jen. :-)

  2. Beck is a clown. Has been for years. He is clouded by that big fat paycheck he gets from the sinking ship called GANNETT. While the real worker bees are forced to take unpaid vacation and get no raises, Beck sits on his throne and makes his judgements. He is so outta touch with the community, I would not be surprised if he isn't flown to work each day by a helicopter.

  3. Beck may be a clown, but Huether is a master manipulator. Who knows what went on behind closed doors. That appears to be where all of the decisions are made in this city, and it has gotten worse since Huether was elected.