Friday, October 21, 2011

South Dakota Isn't Heaven?

I got a flyer in the mail today from the Build It Now group. It would seem the theme of the flyer is a take off on the 1989 drama/sports/fantasy film called "Field of Dreams." The movie is about a novice farmer, who while walking in his cornfield, hears a voice that whispers, "if you build it, he will come" and he sees a vision of a baseball diamond.

I guess, the mayor and his Build It Now companions like fantasy so much they had to adopt the fantasy film's theme of "build it and they will come" with the flyer stating "If you build it, jobs and revenue will come." There is nothing wrong with dreams and visions, but when one's dreams rely on fantasy numbers that are estimates and forecasts instead of reality and facts, one's fantasy is just that, a fantasy.

So, South Dakota is not heaven unless we build the event center? Poppycock! Don't hire this group to market tourism for the State of South Dakota. They said it's not heaven here.  The flyer states Sioux Falls doesn't need an Economic Miracle. All we need is a structure that will generate economic activity to the tune of $40 million dollars of new economic impact a year. 

Where does that $40 million come from?  Fantasy makes for a great movie.  $40 million dollars of new economic impact each year sounds like a fantasy without facts to support it.

Is building the event center now heaven? No, it's a fantasy.


  1. Great Faces, Great Places, just not heaven.

  2. The bulk mail indicia on this piece is from a direct mail firm named Pinnacle Direct. I have been googling "Pinnacle Direct" to see if this mailing was designed, printed and mailed from Sioux Falls (at least from South Dakota). So far I have not found a LOCAL direct mail company in Sioux Falls (or SD) by that name. So much for supporting local jobs and businesses! There goes our revenue!

  3. Interesting that they couldn't even spend one thin dime in Sioux Falls to mail the three pieces that I got at home. How many did they mail, about 50,000 each time? One of my co-workers got one and she lives in Hartford and is registered to vote there. Not only are they spending money out of state, but they are wasting money, too. At least their advertising is correct - we are losing money to neighboring states! Build It Now, put your money where your mouth is! Thanks for making my decision easy - I will vote NO!