Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potty Parity and the Event Center

Get ready for the potty parity news conference tomorrow. Instead of staking the city's credibility on the event center presentations being made throughout the city these past weeks, the city has to resort to what seems to be desperate measures to keep the event center plan before the public.

"When you buy a brand new home, you don't just look at the outside and say, 'Yep, I'm going to buy that thing.' You want to look at all the drawers; you want to look in all the closets. You want to make sure that it meets your needs," Huether said. 

First we had to see the comparison between the old and new chairs. We got to see the cushy chairs for the "big spenders" and the scaled down models for the ordinary good folks of Sioux Falls. Now we are going to learn about the "potty chairs" and how they are different from the potty chairs in the Arena, I suppose.

Will we hear that there will be more pottys for the women in order to sway them to vote yes on November 8th? A promise of more pottys makes me want to vote yes - really? Along with the pottys, maybe we will be told that we will have upgraded toilet paper to go with those gleaming new pottys planned for the Event Center. Will we see the old potty from the Arena and the new potty planned for the Event Center?

The city needs to stay on point with what is really important to the vote on November 8th - the finance plan! If we don't get the finance plan right, it won't matter where we plant our kiesters, how many more pottys there will be or whether the seats/pottys will be cushioned or plastic, square or oblong.

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  1. As an intelligent woman, I find it insulting that this important discussion for our community has been reduced to a news conference about women's restrooms...

    I wonder how Don Dethlefs and Jeff Hazard really feel about having to participate in a public discussion about women's toilets!!??

    The news conference is also about the "clubs" (public and private).

    This is something that I have been wondering about.....

    I understand selling private suites to generate revenue, BUT why is there a "PRIVATE" club being planned in a facility that is being built entirely with "PUBLIC" funds!!??