Saturday, October 22, 2011

Big Vote Coming Up!

The mayor has taken to the Internet to get his message out by email.  His email message is to get out the vote. Oh yes, and he thanks his contacts for everything they do for our great city and yes, for him too.  He is personally laying his political vision on the line for this event center vision of his through his personal email.

I would presume this email "advocacy" comes from his personal and campaign email addresses and not his official city email address. I wonder if he mined some contacts from those citizens who send him and the city emails on daily basis to his office of mayor or at the city's official website? Now that could be an "advocacy" issue.

From: Mike Huether <>
Date: October 22, 2011 6:56:10 AM CDT
To: Mike Huether <>
Subject: Big vote coming up.

Good morning everyone.  As you know, there is a major vote coming up on November 8 about the proposed event center.  I just wanted to encourage all of you to vote of course on this important topic for our great city.  I would also love to have you help get out the vote by cheering on your family members, co-workers and friends to also get out there and vote.  The future of Sioux Falls will be impacted in so many ways by this decision.  Job creation, economic development, quality of life and so much more.

If any of you want to get involved in any way, let me know. 

Thanks for all that you do for our great city and yes, for me!!!

Take care and make it a great day!!


Here is my message to you blog readers:

Good morning everyone! There is an important election taking place on November 8th that will have a profound impact on the future of Sioux Falls. The question before you is, it the time right to build it now? When you go to the ballot box on November 8th ask yourself this:
  • Do I believe the new event center will have an annual $40 million economic impact to the city?
  • Will the event center operating expenses be totally covered by private business or will it need ongoing subsidies from the Entertainment Tax and the city's general fund?
  • Can the city afford to take on 22 years of debt from the workhorse second penny sales tax that should be going to maintain and grow necessary infrastructure needs like streets, water and sewer in this economic downturn?
  • Does the fact that there is no major tenant anchoring this new facility bother you?
  • Do you believe in the promise of bigger events, more events and more conventions if we just build it now?
  • Do you believe "If we build it, jobs and revenue will come?"
If the answer is no to these questions, then the only clear way is to vote No on November 8th.  We all care about our great city, even when we may disagree with the mayor.


  1. Right on! You said it perfectly. Now put it in a Letter to the Editor in the A.L. for even more readers to see and think about the message.

  2. Another hit out of the ballpark, Jennifer. I did answer no and I will vote no on November 8th.

  3. Totally agree ... verbatim to the AL. Excellent job.

  4. What advocacy, he encouraged everyone to get out and vote, shouldn't all elected officials encourage participation in our democracy? What a miserable soul you are, please crawl back in your lonely hole.

  5. Sick of this Mayor and his croniesOctober 22, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    Touching a chord to the Huether crowd it would seem from this comment at 6:23pm. They don't seem to realize that you have quite a following and their attacks on you personally really sully their persona, not yours. These type of comments do more harm to how people think of them than anything you write.

  6. Perhaps these writers of these venomous anonymous comments you get here should visit the Build It Downtown FB page and see what 2000+ people are saying about the mayor and his plan. They need a dose of reality.