Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Dollar Room Tax

What is it about some Sioux Falls citizens who can't seem to see the forest for the trees? These naysayers are overtaking what is supposed to be a progressive city. The latest small thinkers, supposedly encouraged by Minnehaha County Treasurer Pam Nelson, wants to put together petitions to take out the room tax. SIGH! I suppose there are 4800 people out there who don't have clue about economics.I am still scratching my head over Democrat Pam Nelson's comment in which she challenges the Tea Partiers to drive the petition to refer the tax to a vote. She must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed again and had an identity crisis. The objective of this room tax is to provide working revenue to the Convention and Visitors Bureau to woo visitors and conventions To Sioux Falls. Let me get this straight? People will pay $2 a night if they stay in a Sioux Falls hotel larger than 40 rooms. The upside is that the money will provide the resources to bring millions of sales tax revenue to this city. Brush those tree limbs out of your eyes, people! The CVB books events, activities, and conventions to fill hotel rooms. Those visitors shop at the Mall and Downtown, buy gas and eat in our restaurants. The opponents say local residents will end up paying a significant amount of the tax. How do you figure that oh wise ones? Like the guy who goes to a local hotel to swim one weekend in the Winter? Yea, all of us locals are swarming to the local hotels for a little R & R to escape from the comfort of our own homes. Even Rapid City was smart enough to capture more revenue through a room tax 4 years ago. The people against this must never venture outside the city limits. I applaud Councilor Entenmen for providing the leadership and kudos to the rest of the City Council for their vision in supporting this revenue generating legislation. The rest of you, get your blinders off and try to see the possibility of a revenue lined road beyond the forest.

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