Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy Women in Politics

Where are the smart, articulate, sane women in politics? Right now, it seems all we hear about is Palin and the Palin look-a-likes or wannabees. Palin threw her constituency aside for money and fame. For the life of me, I do not understand this over the top fascination people have with her. I listen to her and I am so uncomfortable. It is like fingers raked over a blackboard. She is like a false prophet. Watch her mannerisms and speech patterns; gives me the creeps. Then there is the new Republican Primary winner, Christine O'Donnell. Even the Republicans are quaking over that upset. There is so much background press on her that you have to wonder where all those people parked their brains when they went into the voting booth and pulled the lever for her. I think the Republicans should kick the Tea Party fringe out of the party. The Tea Party needs to stand on their own wobbly legs. This is a crazy time in politics. People are upset with incumbents in both parties and their answer is Tea Party candidates? If these people actually get into Congress, this country is in deep trouble. A bunch of goof balls who play to people's anger and dissatisfaction. Makes me wonder who they really are and what they actually believe in. All I see is a big flashing sign saying FALSE.

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  1. As you know I'm an active Republican; but, Sara Palin does not have the credentials/or intellect to be President of the USA. I will not support her and I am among the majority, let us pray.