Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Confusing Adjustment

I am taking care of my grandson for the next 10 days because he had his tonsils and adenoids out this past Monday. It is interesting how accustomed I have become to my lazy and cozy mornings since retiring almost 2 years ago. Going to bed late, sleeping in late, a cup of coffee with my morning paper is like my very own warm blanket. My Nurse Betty duties require me to be up, showered and dressed and over to my son's house by 7:30 am. I told myself on the drive over this morning that I need to look at it as if I was going to work. After all, I did it for over 40 years. What is different however, is that I am retired. My whole mindset has been going through a turbulent adjustment since retiring. Who am I now? I loved working, I miss it and the collegues I worked with but I love this new phase of retirement too. For the first time in my life, I am actually in control of how spend each and every hour of the day. It is pretty powerful stuff. I am finding that when demands are made on my time, I feel a rebellion of sorts rising up within me. A call yesterday, inquiring whether I would be interested in doing some HR work for a private company in town got my professional juices pumping through my veins. I said yes and am going to be meeting with the grand poohbas to discuss what they want me to do. Then last night I said to myself -self, what on earth are you doing? The call was like a lifeline to my past. The problem is that I am not sure my professional life needs resuscitating. like I said, a most confusing adjustment.

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  1. Hi Jennifer & welcome to the wide-world of blogging. When you look back a year from now you will be amazed how something as silly to most as blogging, effects your life. It's a strange world & reaches so many incredible people.

    Being retired is what everyone dreams of. Having time and good health to enjoy each day the way you would like. Being the conductor of your own train I suppose; no longer the caboose. You'd think I'd come up with a better analogy! I can understand the immediate desire to jump right back into doing what you were successful at. It's like feeling a validation of the career woman you were. I just wish I had succeed in what you did. Being in love with what you did is a great accomplishment.

    Can't wait to read what you decide. Time is certainly precious.

    Cheers my dear x deb