Friday, September 24, 2010


Boy, we are a fickle lot.  Favre could do no wrong last year.  He was the knight coming in to save the day. After two losses this season, the paper and the public, it seems, views him as an old man, a has-been. One day you are loved, the next day you are tossed aside.  Kind of like politics.  There is an intolerance in this country that is worrisome, I think.  We are quick to judge.  We are quick to criticize.  We are in it for the fast solutions and there is no room for error. It is our way or the highway.  Sometimes I can see myself in these comments and it is not a pretty picture.  I wish others would look in the mirror and recognize that fickle finger wagging at them, as well.

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  1. We want what we want when we want it; high on
    immediate gratification.