Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Request for Documents Denied

I read in the paper today that the Mayor and his staff presented the City Council with a PowerPoint detailing draft notes and recommendations along with a drawing depicting the Events Center attached to the Convention Center. Public Works Director Cotter states the documents were used as a deliberative process with the Council members. I get it, these documents, notes, and drawings were intended for consideration and discussion. But, why not own up to what you developed for discussion. This sure sounds like a detailed proposal for achieving an Event Center, not just something to think about in the future. A vision, a plan, whatever! Quit playing semantics with the public and own up to the fact that you want it at the Arena/Convention Center site. The proof is in your PowerPoint. I see now why Rolfing was so confused at the Council meeting last Monday. He said he thought there was only one location being discussed and now he was getting a different message from the Mayor. When city officials don't stand on their convictions and actions, they create suspicion and distrust. Secrecy and lack of transparency will kill this very important public project. If you are confident that you have a good plan, let the public in on it. The longer you withhold information, the opposition becomes stronger. We need leadership now.

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