Thursday, September 16, 2010

Politically who am I?

I have had a political identity crisis for a long time. When I was young I was a Democrat, big surprise. I used to love to drive my Father nuts with my political leanings. My dear Dad is a Republican no matter what or who is running. He has been a Republican his entire life, young and old. My Mother voted the way Dad wanted her to vote, pure and simple. I lived in Virginia and would call him long distance just to razz him about Nixon. Of course, he got me back when I voted for McGovern. As I got older and I moved to SD, I became a Republican. Big surprise, since I worked for government and practically every living being in SD was Republican. It was called survival instinct. I hate to admit it but I voted for Bush. I had high hopes. What was I thinking? I was thinking I was just so tired of the Clinton drama and I needed a fresh perspective. I lost my Republican ways when the Republicans started to lose their way. What has become of the Republican party when one can feel so disenfranchised because one doesn't follow the leanings of the Right? When did the Republican Party become the "Right" Party? When you become "old" people naturally think you are Republican, I don't know why. I changed my registration to Democrat although I really wear the cloth of an Independent. I am comfortable with the fact that I use my mind and my choices independently and am not locked into this partisan thinking that the only way is "my party way." The demonizing of the "other party" whichever party it is, has got to stop. Mean politics just mean poor government. Take a look at Congress. What happened to working for the party of "the people?"

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