Friday, June 17, 2011

The Women who want to be President

It is interesting to watch what is going on in the Republican nomination run for President. It seems there is a contest between Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman as to which woman is new little darlin' of the Republican Right.

The media has pretty much proclaimed that Bachman is the new star which has pushed Palin off to the side. I listened to some of the CNN debate and Bachman's verbal skills certainly surpass Palin. I just read an interesting article in the Daily Beast regarding Bachman's husband. Her husband is her closest advisor. Her husband is a christian therapist who describes gays as barbarians.  Surely she must have a gaggle of advisers in order to keep her balanced, right? I think not. It doesn't appear that there is any balance to Michelle Bachman. She leans so far to the right that I am amazed she doesn't tip over.

I would love to see a woman become President. I wonder if there is a moderate thinking woman in politics today who has the ability and stamina to run for President. Not to the left, not to the right, just someone who can listen to both the left and the right and the middle and somehow maintain a sense of balance.

The left, the right - what about the middle? There are a lot of Americans who are in the middle. Who represents them? All this pandering to the right leaves me weary. I surmise it leaves a lot of Americans disenfranchised and disillusioned about politics.


  1. I thought Republicans hated it when a candidate's spouse was a close advisor (cf. Clinton). Given their fundagelical persuasion, I would like to hear Rep. Bachmann and Mr. Bachmann speak to the issue of male headship.

  2. Boy, do I wish you were here in my house about 20 min.'s. If I told you the conversation between my Texan born/staunch Republican A.C. repairman & myself you're skin would crawl. I embrace diversity in our great Country, obviously that's what makes up the U.S.A. But moronic thinking I don't understand. What I've become to understand is from living here in Texas is there is most definitely a running thread to their opinions. I've never lived where the vast majority all think EXACTLY the SAME. Their naiveness is what stunts progress
    and understanding. I really love what you wrote. I am proudly "middle" American. Holding steady and firm. Yes, who is representing us?
    Great post Jennifer; I'm proud to call you my cousin!

    P.S. - this guy asked if I was a college grad since I was more liberal than him..hah!

  3. the country is ready for a women. however, we are not ready for a moderate. a moderate can not survive the gauntlet of the primary is mostly the wing nut fringe folks voting in primaries.

  4. I can think of many women who would make great presidents. Claire McCaskill, senior senator of the state of Missouri is one. She led the charge in credit card reform. I'm sure her name makes First Premier BankCard and it's former marketing director leave their lights on at night.

    Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm also would be a true leader.

    Also Debbie Wasserman Schultz, house of reps, Florida, would fit the bill nicely. Just three names. I'm sure there are more...just off the top of my head. But these true leaders lack what the media and a certain political party crave. So-called sex appeal. So we're stuck with Bachmann, Palin, and wannabes like noem. Sex appeal is way over rated. Why is it I find Palin a complete turnoff, yet the palin impersonator, Tina Fay, a complete turn on?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Polly Amalo