Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Predicted Role Call Vote on the Event Center Location Monday Night

Here is the order of roll call votes at city council and the predictions on how they will vote when asked to support a resolution to build the events center downtown:
Kenny Anderson, Jr – NO
Vernon Brown - YES
Jim Entenman – NO
Michelle Erpenbach – YES
Greg Jamison - YES
Dean Karsky – NO
Rex Rolfing – NO
Sue Aguilar - YES


Tell  them that a blue-ribbon panel of mayoral appointees (the Board of Ethics) easily concluded that there would be no economic impact at the arena site on surrounding properties. Why would we waste $100 million to build a facility that has no economic impact???

The word is that the mayor does not want to vote no on Councilor Jamison's resolution to build the Event Center at Cherapa and is working to change the yes votes to support his resolution introduced through Councilor Entenman to build the Event Center at the Arena/Convention Center.

Let's hope the yes votes stick to their principles and support a resolution to build the Event Center at a location that clearly provides true economic development for the city of Sioux Falls for the next 50 years.

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  1. I am listening to the informational meeting on Channel 16 today, Monday June 13 and we are getting another site update at the Arena. The blatant, throwing it in the citizens face that this Mayor thinks the site location has been a done deal at the Arena site is what tips me to vote NO when this comes to a vote! The Mayor's level of arrogance is beyond belief!