Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally - a Library Director back at the Helm

Congratulations to Mary Johns on her appointment as Director of Siouxland Libraries. I sincerely wish her luck as she begins her new job with this administration. Her credentials appear to be very similar to the previous director, Sally Felix and will serve the library system well.

I wonder if she asked why the position was open and what happened to the previous director. That is a pretty common question from applicants at this level in an organization. I would have loved to have been a mouse in the corner listening to the spin doctor on that gem.

The mayor is so excited because she will bring - here's that pesky favorite phrase again - "business acumen" to the library system.  “Mary will bring vibrant energy, a wealth of experience, solid business acumen, and even infuse a bit of fun into the role,” said Mayor Mike Huether. “She will take an organization that is already on solid ground and lead us to an even higher level in an always evolving library services environment. I can’t wait for her to start!”  I realize I am rehashing old business but come on. If the library was on such solid ground, why did he fire the previous director?

As long as the new appointee doesn't challenge or disagree, she may be able to hold onto her job better than the previous director. And above all else, "infuse some fun" into the role. The mayor expects it.
Personally, I think she will be safe. He couldn't explain another firing in the library organization.

Good luck, Mary Johns, and welcome to Sioux Falls, SD. You have a great library staff to work with and beautiful libraries. I look forward to your energy in building the Westside Branch Library and maintaining current library services and growing the system.

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