Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Site Down for Maintenance

Dear Blog Readers and those of you who comment on my blog:

Please read the message from Blogger (Host of  below which explains what has happened to this site starting on May 11th:

We are very sorry that users are unable to publish to Blogger right now. We have rolled back the maintenance release from last night and as a result, posts and comments from all users made after 7:37 am PDT on May 11, 2011 have been removed. Again, we apologize that this happened and our engineers are working hard to return Blogger to normal and restore your posts and comments. We will post a report once this work is complete.
-The Blogger Team

As the writer of this blog, please be assured that I do not remove published comments. Hopefully the erased comments will be restored by the Blogger Team.

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