Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Can't Pull the Trigger on the Truth

The mayor was interviewed live online by the ARGUS LEADER Editorial Board on Wednesday, May 4th regarding his first year in office. When given the opportunity to come clean with the public regarding the firing of Sally Felix, the mayor, once again, could not pull the trigger and come clean.

The mayor was asked to give an update on the hiring of a new library director. He stated that he would be meeting with one of the top candidates on Friday or within the next two weeks.  Randell Beck followed up by asking, "Did you fire the previous library director or did she resign or retire?"

The mayor stumbled with his response and said he was not going to answer that and that he was surprised he (Beck) even asked it in that way. What other way could it be asked? It was a straight forward question that deserved a straight forward answer. The mayor said, "Sally Felix retired from her role."

Here is a mayor who held press conferences and issued press releases when he fired several appointed officials within weeks of taking office. Yet, he still cannot come clean on his firing of Sally Felix.
To continue to say she retired, is doublespeak.

What does that say about someone who cannot come clean with his own action regarding Felix? We don't need doublespeak from our mayor. We need public officials who have the conviction and character to take responsibility for their actions, criticism not withstanding.

To say Sally Felix retired is double speak, pure and simple. Everyone knows he fired her. She chose the option to retire because she was out of a job because he fired her. He knows he fired her. Yet, he still cannot take responsibility for his action and has to doublespeak it. If he could just admit it, this would not continue to be a story. Maybe that's one of the reasons he can't sleep at night.


  1. Also, why was she fired? What was the gain? What will the new person be paid? Will they be more or less capable? It was unnecessary.

  2. It is unnecessary to have a library director.

  3. Technically she retired. That's how the business world works, they 'ask you' to quit so it does not look like they fired you. Huether basically asked Felix to fire herself by retiring, thus washing his hands of the deal. This happens hundreds of times a day in the business world and probably quite a bit in the public sector. Oh well. Move on.

  4. We won't need a library director because the mayor doesn't see a need for a library all.

  5. Ask Sally Felix.....she says emphatically that he point blank fired her.

  6. I define honest mike by four things, and four things only.

    1. Where he came from in the business world. First Premier CC. The worst in the industry.

    2. What he did while working there. Marketing
    director for a fee harvesting CC that preyed on the weakest in society. Our old and our young.

    3. His handling of the Sally Felix affair.

    4. His fixation on ME, ME ME.

    Polly Amalo