Monday, May 23, 2011

Questions Still Unanswered

1.Answers about convention/events in the AECOM report – the mayor needs to back up their numbers and get the questions answered. The dog and pony show at the convention center didn't do it.

2.If McCart Fields isn’t an option for parking at the arena site, what is the preferred alternative and what will it cost? Those costs should be discussed by the city council before a final vote on location preference.

3.What makes Sioux Falls different than virtually every other city in the country that build their events centers and convention centers in the downtown?

4.Event experience – repeat business – why don’t we want to highlight the best and most unique aspects of Sioux Falls when attracting outside visitors – the Falls, River Greenway, Historic Downtown with great restaurants, bars and unique shops?

5. What happened to the River Greenway Project excitement and commitment in this entire process?

6. Why is flat floor space expansion at the Convention Center the leading argument for building the event center at the arena site when the increase in events is just a guess?

7. If this is a great business decision, why don't we hear more vocal support from community business leaders?

8. How are we going to finance the construction costs?

9. Can the General Fund support the operating costs after it is built? How much are the projected annual operating costs?

10. Can Councilor Entenman vote on anything related to the Event Center until a decision is rendered by the Ethics Board and formally acted on by the City Council?


  1. Everyone on the Council knows these questions, will they get answers before they vote? Or, are they afraid of something or someone?

  2. and strangely, if Entenman flopped back to his original position in 2005 you'd not only eliminate the conflict and also have a 5-3 or 6-2 vote for downtown.

  3. Perhaps #11. For all of this expected wonderful economic development, what do we dig up/pave over to get the room - existing businesses, current neighborhoods, more softball fields/parks, Elmwood GC...??