Sunday, May 22, 2011

Talent Right Here in River City

I went to see the Sioux Empire Community Theatre's production of Annie Saturday night and it was pure delight. I am amazed at the excellent local talent and the quality of productions produced by the Sioux Empire Community Theatre.

The Sioux Empire Community Theatre's home is at the Historic Orpheum Theater in downtown Sioux Falls. The Orpheum has been remodeled and restored and it is beautiful.  The theater seats around 700 people and it sure looked like it was a full house on Saturday night.

The individual performances were flawless right down to the ensemble cast. The orphans stole the show, especially the character Molly. Such a little girl who packed a punch with her personality and spunk.

The young performer playing the lead role of Annie is a seventh grader and she belted out songs that made me think of the young contestants on American Idol. I wondered if the parents of all these child actors came to each and every performance to watch their children, how proud they must be of their children, and how emotional it must be for them to sit in the audience and listen to the audience respond to their childrens' performances night after night.

The actors playing the roles of Miss Hannigan, Grace Farrell, and Oliver Warbucks have been in other SECT performances but I think their performances in Annie were just flawless. Their acting made the story come alive and I found myself going from smiling, to outright laughter and clapping with enthusiasm after each scene.

What a pleasant evening. A standing ovation to Artistic Director Larry Etten for his direction of the production of Annie and his directorial leadership for SECT. This play was so professional. I left with the feeling of awe at the talent I witnessed that night.

Another excellent opportunity for people in the area to visit the Orpheum Theater in the heart of historic downtown Sioux Falls. This community is so fortunate to have so many volunteers who have the passion for the arts and are willing to donate their time to provide us with this most marvelous form of entertainment.

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