Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What People Are Talking About......

The city fired their official election officer who was charged with running the special election deciding the fate of an event center six weeks from now.

The person designated to run things at the city clerk's office is so new, he barely knows who signs his paycheck much less who to ask what when.

City officials kicked the media and citizens out of a public building on the premise that they were protecting the dignity of the person they had just fired so she wouldn't have cameras stuck in her face. Forget the fact that she faced the cameras right after they clobbered her that night and made a statement to the very press they were "protecting" her from.

Dignity, professionalism, decency and conducting city business in a productive manner disappeared last week at Carnegie Town Hall. This follows their disappearance from City Hall.

The city council may have violated the open meeting laws.

The official vote to terminate the city clerk may not be legal because the action did not state what they were actually voting on when they voted on it.

The mayor and the city council know how to do spin control when the facts get in the way.

The city council talks about following standard procedures but don't even know who locks up their own building at night. The city clerk, the police, the boogey man?

Someone told me the mayor walked into KELO to apologize to leadership for kicking them out of the building. He's not yet apologized to the public for denying them access to a public building.

The mayor is stressed out because of the bruhaha surrounding the city clerk firing incident and doesn't like the way the media, bloggers and commenters are talking about him. I tend to think the person entitled to be stressed out is the person he helped to get fired.

Someone said the mayor called into a radio program to blast people who are "spreading crap" around and suggested they call the city attorney or city council instead. It was said he then said the whole controversy was God preparing him for greater challenges ahead and that God should "bring it on."

Some say the mayor was seen throwing a very public temper tantrum at the intersection of 26th Street and Southeastern Ave  a couple weeks ago on his way home from work because of the street construction which caused a massive traffic jam. City staff were called out to the scene and looked like they were in big trouble. Rumors are another whack job on city personnel.

Another poll of 400 supports an event center; this one done by the Build It Now Group. The 400 polled represent "engaged voters" who voted in the last two general elections. Hmmmmm, random or pick and choose poll.

The public is being told to trust the city that borrowing $125 million will have no repercussions on city operations and finances when their actions last week indicate the public can't be trusted to know what the city votes on and why?


  1. Too bad someone doesn't have a video of the mayor's temper tantrum at 26th & Southeastern. I'd pay money to see it on the our free news channels.

  2. They all have my "no confidence" vote.

  3. Religion and Politics go well together in America and have for quite awhile. Rick Perry could be the next President, he doesn't believe in science, unless it is the science of a contributor.

    Temper tantrum, maybe. Some voters love it when he gives City Employees hell. They don't know any and think they deserve it.

    The Mayor may be at the end of his string of firings, with the help of the Council, too much attention.

    Right now it looks like he will get the Event Center. Wow, figure that out in this economy.

  4. Makes sense now why NONE of the the Mayor's former employers or their executives supported him in his campaign nor are they supporting his pet project that he's so obviously obsessed with.

  5. I saw the Mayor out on 26th and Southeastern wondering who's butt he was chewing....Not what I expected from someone in his position. And now we hear about another dismissal of a dedicated employee. How much longer will the good people of Sioux Falls tolerate this kind of management? There is no way he will get his EC with all the junk being tossed around about how this city is being run.

  6. The temper tantrum at 26th and Southeastern Avenue is not a rumor it happened. I am sure department head "MC" can confirm it as he was on the recieving end of a very profanity laced telephone call. The mayor is ruling the city through fear and intimidation and the threat to be fired. Is that what he learned in corporate america with all his business acumen..... I THINK NOT

  7. What should frighten ppl is the fact that 'My Man Mike' says he always dreamed of being mayor since he was a kid. Really? What a weird little fella. I wanted to be a race car driver. And his speaking style, Sioux Falls, is annoying. It is.

  8. It's funny, but I work with pre-school age children, and this type of unapologetic self-centered (and self-aggrandizing) behavior is something I see and deal with everyday. Of course, this is why we don't elect actual 4-year-old's to political office...perhaps somebody needs a nap or time out??

  9. People who claim God is testing them have an exaggerated view of their importance in the universe. God has much bigger issues than Mike's personal growth.

  10. Taken from - "Characteristics of a Psychopath":
    * superficial charm
    * self-centered and self-important
    * need for stimulation & prone to boredom
    * deceptive behavior & lying
    * conning & manipulative
    * little remorse or guilt
    * shallow emotional response
    * callous with a lack of empathy
    * predatory attitude
    * subtle manipulator
    * poor self-control
    * lack of realistic long-term goals
    * short-term relationships
    * impulsive, irresponsible behavior
    * blaming others for their actions

    Sound like anyone we know???

  11. "someone told me"... Now that's what blogs are for. Unfounded rumors.

  12. @ 10. 12. Keep on living in the dark.