Thursday, November 5, 2015

South Dakota Complacency

Complacency breeds incompetence and contempt. When you have a one party system in government, complacency runs rampant. No one questions anything. Everyone is the emperor and no one has the guts to say the emperor has no clothes.
An "R" designation in this state means you are in the "in crowd." Being sheep is not a compliment, people. What is wrong about speaking up and speaking out? What is wrong about having the guts and fortitude to question things?
Well, you might be called that dirty word "liberal" or God forbid, "Democrat." If you don't have the "R" designation, you don't possess the requisite family values designation. If you don't have the "R" designation behind your name, you will not get anywhere politically in this State. And there rests the problem, because no one challenges you, makes you better, makes you want to be courageous and be bold and have guts.
"Sloppy government, poor management, lack of accountability and keeping secrets" are not traits to be proud of it, South Dakota.
The GEAR UP and EB-5 scandals, discrepancies in a recent financial audit of the secretary of state's office under since-departed Jason Gant and the general lack of government oversight at the state level is appalling and no one seems to be concerned much less mad about it. Why? I know you're an "R" and all but come on. When you are the majority and in total control, it should mean something.
And now we have that impressive Blue Ribbon Panel Report on Education that says nothing, solves nothing and recommends nothing. Shouldn't we expect more? It should be called the Yellow Ribbon Panel because it's third rate and lacked the courage to recommend bold action to deal with the problems in education in this State.
"Leadership. Courage. Taking risks. Finding solutions." Where art thou?