Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Show Me the Money!

The ARGUS LEADER's story headline today is Event Center group piles up cash. All I can say is thank you ARGUS LEADER for making me do a Tee Hee this morning. Really, piling up the cash? I was expecting to read a story about thousands and thousands of cash piling in. If $10,700 in cash donations since the Build It Now group formed is indicative of piling up cash then I now know what low expectations really mean.

"Sanford Health led the way with $15,000 for in-kind donations, money that went to a website and consulting fees, according to the filing. Avera McKennan chipped in another $5,000 for consulting fees, and the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce added $10,500 to the effort, money that paid consulting fees and research."   Good for you guys - now just pony up and commit to pay for the operating costs of the Event Center in perpetuity and I think we might have a game changer here. Then instead of Tee Hees maybe we will hear hands clapping.

"Alan Amdahl of Alan Amdahl Construction donated $2,000 to the campaign."  Allen Amdahl is co-chair of the Build It Now group and all he has donated is $2,000. Now that's putting your money towards your conviction! Not exactly a SHOW ME THE MONEY moment.

If the business community wants to convince this community that they are really behind this Event Center project financially, then they better start stepping up to the plate and show this community the money because the $10,700 is not really indicative of piling up the cash. 

ARGUS LEADER, really? Misleading headline and a lot of hype for nothing.

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  1. This article in the Argus was a hoot! And that headline? How misleading can you get.