Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Mayor's Love Fest for Munson and his Department Heads

The way the Mayor continues to profess his admiration for former Mayor Dave Munson and his 12 directors sounds like an endorsement for Munson's new election campaign for the city's highest office. He credits Munson and his department heads for making the tough decisions regarding the 2010 budget.

The Mayor also recognized Munson and his 12 department heads in his Top 10 Big Wins speech, specifically when addressing #1 Top Big Win.  He thinks they were so great and did great things but his actions speak louder than words. He has let 6 of those recognized department heads go and his first year in office isn't up yet.

Words are cheap.


  1. Are you delusional, seriously. 3 of the 6 retired on their own, 1 stated plans to retire within 1 year, and as for the other 2, even casaul observers of city hall recognized they needed to be replaced years ago. Any CEO with any leadership skills whatsoever would have made the same decisions.

  2. Retired on their own, now who is delusional, really. What do career professionals do when they are "let go" and their source of income is gone? They file for retirement benefits if they are lucky (really I should say unlucky) enough to be eligible to do so. Anonymous, your comment is really kind of humorous because you give yourself away when you use the word CEO. You either are My Man Mike himself or one of his loyal campers because he is the only one who keeps referring to himself as CEO instead of Mayor. Word on the street is he is not employee friendly no matter what words come out of his mouth. I could sign my name but I am going to be a coward like you and post as anonymous.

  3. Gee, I thought Jennifer's blog was about Huether always referring to Mayor Munson and his staff. I think it's time Mayor Huether starts talking like it's his own administration instead of the previous one. Munson is gone, darn it all. He at least had some class and cared about people.

  4. Jennifer.

    Offbeat somewhat, but still in the ballpark. Instead of digging around for info about city employment, I'll just ask you. I thought I read where city employees, at least for rank and file, were in a wage freeze this year. True or false.

    Polly Amalo