Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Love Affair with Technology

What can I say - I love my IPAD, IPOD, Kindle and Droid X. Oh, yes, and my laptop which seems to be taking a backseat more and more everyday.  Why do I need all those devices? They each serve a specific purpose, but with technology changing at a bat of an eye, the capability of doing everything on one device is becoming more of a reality everyday. Is it possible to get everything I love into one device? Can I love more than one device?

As far as I am concerned, I could buy a car without a radio or CD player. All I need is an auxiliary plug in which to connect my IPOD to in the car. I am my own mixer of music. I am a frequent shopper at the ITUNES store. I can't even get through my own library of music. I can go for a walk with my ears plugged into my music and maybe stop and sit on a bench and access the current book I am reading via the Kindle application loaded on my IPOD. I have been known to read my book on my Kindle application loaded on my IPOD. Small screen, but in a pinch - a lifesaver to nix wasted downtime. I love my IPOD.

My Kindle is small enough to throw in my purse. I went to a parade this past fall and as I was waiting for the parade to start, I pulled out my Kindle and started reading. I am amazed at how much attention I get when I pull out that device. I should get a sales commission from Amazon. I am a walking advertisement for that thing.  I love reading my Kindle in the car, at home, at the hair salon, outside in my lawn chair, when I am getting pedicure. I love to read and I love my Kindle!!

But wait, the new IPAD was introduced. I thought, I don't need that. I have a laptop. I have a Kindle. I have an IPOD. I have a smart phone. Why do I need an IPAD? I need it because it is portable. I need it because it is something new. I need it because.....I have a love affair with new technology. Not only can I get email. I now have my laptop capabilities in this very skinny device that can fit in a large purse. The only thing keeping it totally versatile is the fact it is hard to read outside and it doesn't accommodate Flash Player. I watch Netflix on my IPAD.  I am addicted to Angry Birds. I have every game you can think of downloaded on my IPAD. I have every news source application ready at the tip of my finger. I can access my bank. I have downloaded many, many educational and learning applications for my grandson.  What is the first thing he says when he comes to my house? Can I use your IPAD, Grandma? I really love my IPAD!

You might ask, why do you need a laptop? Well, I need it when I have type a lot of stuff, like this blog. Do you know how hard it is to type on a keyboard the size of a one inch square. It's good for a couple of sentences but after that, my fingers become my worst enemy. Thank goodness for auto correct but I am still known for spelling something incorrectly or getting a huh? response because the text doesn't make sense. I need my laptop for the "big" stuff. I do love my laptop but I am not monogamous in my love affair with technology. Sorry laptop, but you are not the only one.

I used to have a phone that only did what phones are supposed to do - calling and  text messaging. I had a Palm Pilot to compliment my phone. Then I found  true love with the Blackberry. Now I could have a phone, manage my calendar and contacts and get email. I was in heaven. Oh, but wait, the Droid X came on the horizon. It was like having a mini computer in my phone. I was infatuated. It was puppy love. It was love at first sight. It brought my google account to my phone. Oh, did I tell you that I can also access my Kindle books on my phone? I can still drive myself nuts playing Angry Birds.  I love my Droid X.

But with all these gadgets, there is constant dread.  You buy the new and latest generation and within months, a brand new generation is out. What to do, what to do? It is interesting that there is one little thing about each device that keeps it from being the universal device. Then there are all those cords, because those pesky devices have batteries that need charging.  So I have cords for home, cords for the car. I am up to my eyeballs with cords and chargers. What else do I need? I need Wifi, of course. I have Wifi at home and I have Wifi on the go. I am plugged in no matter where I am.  I love technology!!

Who would have thought that this 60+ year old lady would be so gadget driven. The way I figure it, if you don't stay on top of this technology thing, you become really old fast. I told my 92 year old Dad yesterday that I was so proud of him. He is good at text messaging. He said, yes, but I just don't get the computer thing and all this technology is so confusing. I told him not to worry. I was just glad he could text message and use his cell phone.

What I really need is a big bag - to carry all my technology. I am a consumer of technology. I am out of control. I am plugged in. I am hearing notification sounds in my sleep. I am having a love affair with technology. The one thing I can control. Nice!!!

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